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Σάββατο, 31 Αυγούστου 2019

Παναθηναϊκός – ΟΦΗ 1-3 (video)

Panathinaikos - OFI 1-3 (video)

A tragic Panathinaikos became a fixture in the appetites of the excellent OFI, suffering a heavy home defeat with a 3-1 defeat.

Μπέρνλι - Λίβερπουλ 0-3 (video) Πρέμιερ Λιγκ

Ουνιόν Βερολίνου - Μπορούσια Ντόρτμουντ 3-1 (video) Μπουντεσλίγκα

Μπάγερν Μονάχου - Μάιντς 6-1 (video),Μπάγερν Λεβερκούζεν - Χοφενχάιμ 0-0 (video),Φράιμπουργκ - Κολωνία 1-2 (video),Σάλκε - Χέρτα Βερολίνου 3 -0 (video),Βόλφσμπουργκ - Πάντερμπορν 1-1 (video) Μπουντεσλίγκα

Live Streaming.21:45 Juventus - Napoli 4-3 (video) Serie A Eastern European Time

Μίλαν - Μπρέσια 1-0 (video) Σέριε A

Live Streaming.21:30 Volos - Aris 1-0 (video) Super League 1 Eastern European Time

Super Volos shocked Ari! (video)

By hitting Gedriek's penalty and Thanassis Garavelis doing a bunch of interventions, Volos, after Panionios, bent Aris and is at the top.

Με απουσίες στην Τούμπα ο Πανιώνιος

Panionios was absent in Toumpa

Akis Mantzio's absenteeism for the Panionios match against PAOK in Touba is full.

Οσασούνα - Μπαρτσελόνα 2-2 (video) Λα Λίγκα

Τσέλσι - Σέφιλντ Γιουνάιτεντ 2-2 (video),Κρίσταλ Πάλας - Άστον Βίλα 1-0 (video),Λέστερ - Μπόρνμουθ 3-1 (video),Μάντσεστερ Σίτι - Μπράιτον 4- 0 (video),Νιούκαστλ - Γουότφορντ 1-1 (video),Γουέστ Χαμ - Νόριτς 2-0 (video) Πρέμιερ Λιγκ

Live Streaming.19:30 Union Berlin - Borussia Dortmund 3-1 (video) Bundesliga Eastern European Time

Live Streaming.19:15 Panathinaikos - OFI Creta 1-3 (video) Super League 1 Eastern European Time

Panathinaikos - OFI 1-3 (video)

A tragic Panathinaikos became a fixture in the appetites of the excellent OFI, suffering a heavy home defeat with a 3-1 defeat.

Live Streaming.19:30 Burnley - Liverpool 0-3 (video) Premier League Eastern European Time


Live Streaming.19:00 AC Milan - Brescia 1-0 (video) Serie A Eastern European Time

Με το… δεξί η οικοδέσποινα Κίνα!

With… right host China!

A good second half pushed China to victory (70-55) over C Αte d'Ivoire at its World Cup premiere.

Live Streaming.18:00 Osasuna - Barcelona 2-2 (video) La Liga Eastern European Time


Αργεντινή - Ν. Κορέα 95-69

Article CoverArgentina - South Korea 95-69

Argentina… it took a while to get going, but when it did, New Korea became an opponent… a spectator and so the final 95-69 is perfectly normal.

Κωστένογλου: «Επιτακτική ανάγκη η νίκη στην Τρίπολη»

Kostenoglou: "Victory in Tripoli imperative"

Nikos Kostenoglou highlighted how important it is for AEK to beat Aster, stressing that psychology changed after appearing against Trabzonspor.

Live Streaming.17:00 Chelsea - Sheffield United 2-2 (video),Live Streaming.17:00 Crystal Palace - Aston Villa 1-0 (video),Live Streaming.17:00 Leicester - Bournemouth 3-1 (video),Live Streaming.17:00 Manchester City - Brighton 4-0 (video),Live Streaming.17:00 Newcastle - Watford 1-1 (video),Live Streaming.17:00 West Ham - Norwich 2-0 (video) Premier League Eastern European Time

Σαουθάμπτον - Μάντσεστερ Γιουνάιτεντ 1-1 (video) Πρέμιερ Λιγκ Ζωντανά Stre

Live Streaming.16:30 Bayern Munchen - Mainz 6-1 (video),Live Streaming.16:30 Bayer Leverkusen - Hoffenheim 0-0 (video),Live Streaming.16:30 Freiburg - Koln 1-2 (video),Live Streaming.16:30 Schalke - Hertha Berlin 3-0 (video),Live Streaming.16:30 Wolfsburg - Paderborn 1-1 (video) Bundesliga Eastern European Time

Η αποστολή του Βόλου για το ματς με τον Άρη

Article CoverVolos' mission for the match with Mars

Juan Ferrando announces Volos' mission for the team's second game, with Mars, at Panthessal Stadium (31/8 21.30)

Ιράν - Πουέρτο Ρίκο 81-83

Article CoverIran - Puerto Rico 81-83

Puerto Rico was at -18 but did not give up and gave a tough lesson to Iran. Jose Picculin Ortiz's "kids" made an epic overthrow with a knockout Werta who had 32 points, but Mogica was the hero of the last second as he made it 81-83. Iran's top scorers were Hadadi and Yakchachidechkordi with 22 points.

Live Streaming.14:30 Southampton - Manchester United 1-1 (video) Premier League Eastern European Time

Για πρώτη φορά στους Ολυμπιακούς Αγώνες το πλήρωμα Μπούρμπου - Κυρίδου

For the first time at the Olympics, the Bourbou - Kyriou crew

Great success for the Bourbou - Kyriou twin. Greek crew "locked" ticket to the Tokyo Olympics.

Ρωσία - Νιγηρία 82-77

Article CoverRussia - Nigeria 82-77

Russia returned from -8 in the 34th minute and beat Nigeria (82-77), making a huge qualifying move to the next World Cup!

Και Μπρούνο Γκασπάρ και Ομάρ στον Ολυμπιακό

And Bruno Gaspar and Omar at the Olympiacos

Olympiacos made the last-minute rebound and acquired a player that Pedro Martins wanted to bring to Grand Port from last year.

Πολωνία – Βεζουέλα 80-69: «Καθάρισε» στο δεύτερο ημίχρονο

Poland - Vezuela 80-69: 'Cleared' in the second half 

Poland-Venezuela: Poland beat Venezuela for the first match of the 2019 Mudobasket, 80-69.

Ολυμπιακός: Νικολαΐδης... εξαετίας στον Πειραιά

Olympiacos: Nikolaidis ... six years in Piraeus

CAE Olympiakos has officially announced the acquisition of Alexandros Nikolaidis, who will be the team to take part in the A2 championship.

ΠΑΣ Γιάννινα: Ανακοίνωσε το τέλος με τον Πάντελιτς

PAS Ioannina: Announces End with Pandelic

The announcement was made by PAS Ioannina, in which he announced the solution of co-operation with Dusan Pandelic, confirming Sportime's report.

Δανεικός στη Τορίνο ο Λασάλτ

Article CoverLaxalt was on loan in Torino

In Diego Torino he will continue his career with Milan loan agent Diego Laxalt.

Πολωνία-Βενεζουέλα 80-69

Article CoverPoland-Venezuela 80-69

Poland has taken a… qualifying step since it overtook Venezuela, which is theoretically one of the contenders for the two positions leading to the next phase.

Στη Λέτσε ως δανεικός ο Ιμπουλά

In Lecce as a debtor Ibula

His career in Italy was continued by the Belgian midfielder, who had been rumored to be also involved with Olympiacos.

Ανγκόλα - Σερβία 59-105: Πυραυλοκίνητη Σερβία, «διέλυσε» τους Αφρικανούς!

Angola - Serbia 59-105: Rocket Serbia, 'split' Africans!

The awful Serbia crushed Angola 105-59 in the World Premiere, seeming ready for the toughest matches to come. Bogdanovic top scorer with 24.

Οι πρώτες δηλώσεις του Λοβέρα με τα ερυθρόλευκα (vid)

Lovera's first statements with reds (vid)

Argentina's 20-year-old, Maxi Lovera, also officially belongs to Olympiacos. The young Argentine made statements to the Olympiacos TV camera, stating that his idol was Messi and promising that people in Karaiskakis would enjoy their games.

Προσπαθεί για Σανάμπρια ο Παναθηναϊκός

Panathinaikos is trying for Sanabria

A report from Italy reports that Panathinaikos is trying to make Tony Sanabria his own.

Ολυμπιακός: Ανακοίνωσε και Γιασίν Μπενζιά

Olympiacos: Yassin Benzia also announced

Announcement Day for Olympiacos. Lobera was announced, Gaspard comes in the afternoon and Yassin Benzia became the midfielder.

Φαν Ντε Σαρ: “Δεν ήμασταν καλοί με ΠΑΟΚ και ΑΠΟΕΛ”

Van de Sar: "We were not good with PAOK and APOEL"

Edwin van der Sar underlined that Ajax did not perform well in the PAOK and APOEL matches for the Champions League qualifiers.

Μπολόνια - Σπαλ 1-0 (video) Σέριε A

Μπορούσια Μενχενγκλάντμπαχ - Λειψία 1-3 (video) Μπουντεσλίγκα

Παρασκευή, 30 Αυγούστου 2019

US Open: Η Σάκκαρη πάλεψε, αλλά ηττήθηκε από την Μπάρτι

US Open: Sakkari fought back but was defeated by Barty

Maria Sakkari lost 7-5, 6-3 to Asley Barty and ended her US Open appearance in the third round of the tournament.

Live Streaming.21:45 Bologna - Spal 1-0 (video) Serie A Eastern European Time

Νοκ άουτ Ελ Καντουρί και Αουγκούστο για δύο εβδομάδες στον ΠΑΟΚ

Article CoverKnockout El Kaddouri and August for two weeks at PAOK

Omar El Kadouri and Dooglas Augusto have been tested following their injuries in the fight against Slovenia and will stay out for at least two weeks.

Στην Παρί Σεν Ζερμέν ο Κέιλορ Νάβας, στην Ρεάλ ο Αρεολά!

Article CoverIn Paris Saint-Germain's Kaylor Nava, in Real Areola!

According to the French radio station RMC Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain have agreed to exchange goalkeepers!

Στην Αλαβές ο Μπερκ

At Alaves Berk

Alaves announced the acquisition of Oliver Berk by West Brom in the form of a loan.

Live Streaming.21:30 Borussia Monchengladbach - Leipzig 1-3 (video) Bundesliga Eastern European Time

Παντελίδης: Σενάρια για Απόλλωνα Λεμεσού!

Pantelidis: Scenarios for Apollo Limassol!

In the list of Apollo Limassol is Savvas Pantelidis, according to a report on the Cypriot website https://www.alphanews.live.

Στο Κορωπί ο Σένκενφελντ

In Koropi, Schenkfeld

Bart Schenkefeld did his first training with the Panathinaikos team on Friday.