Τρίτη, 30 Απριλίου 2019

Δεν γινόταν αλλιώς: Πόποβιτς τριετίας στους Σπερς!

It was not otherwise: Popovic for three years at Spurs!

Coach of San Antonio Spurs for the next three years will remain Greg Popovic who agreed verbally with the spurs.

Live Streaming.22:00 Tottenham - Ajax 0-1 (video) Champions League Semi Final Eastern European Time

Επέστρεψαν στο Κορωπί οι πράσινοι – Γυμνάστηκαν Μουνιέ, Κάτσε, Αρμενάκας

The greens returned to Koropi -
Munier have exercised, Kace, Armenakis

Panathinaikos' players returned to the training.

Τότεναμ - Άγιαξ: Οι ενδεκάδες του ημιτελικού Champions League

 Tottenham Hotspur - Ajax: The lineups of the Champions League semifinal

Look at the tipsters chosen by the Tottenham and Ajax coaches, Maurizio Potcheto and Eric Ten Hahn respectively for the first between the two teams of the Champions League semifinals.

Μόντσα… 5ετίας στο καλεντάρι της Formula 1

Μόντσα… 5ετίας στο καλεντάρι της Formula 1 | to10.grMonza ... 5 years in the Formula 1 calendar

The iconic Italian Grand Prix will continue to be in the Formula 1 calendar with its Monza circuit renewing its five-year contract with the FIA.

«Κλείνει την καριέρα του στον Ολυμπιακό ο Ματιέ»

Article Cover"He closes his career in Olympiakos Mattie"

Piraeus will be the last football port of Jeremy Mattie, according to Catalan Sport.

Σε τραγική κατάσταση ο ΠΑΟΚ, δεύτερη αποχώρηση 5αδάτου παίκτη

In a tragic situation, PAOK, second player 5th away

PAOK's finances go from bad to worse, weakening the Bicentenary of the North Day by day.

ΠΑΟΚ - ΑΕΚ: Ολοταχώς για τελικό χωρίς κόσμο

PAOK - AEK: Totally for the final without a world

The fear of episodes, provocation, but also the failure to guarantee EL.AS to prevent them, directs the Deputy Minister of Sports, George Vasileiadis, to the final Cup, PAOK-AEK, without a world.

«Σφίγγα» ο Κάναντι για τη Νυρεμβέργη

"Sphinx" by Kannanti for Nuremberg

The Austrian coach and technical director of Nuremberg have not confirmed, but have not even denied, the "flirting" that seems to exist

Απομακρύνουν τα βαρίδια για τους παίκτες που θέλουν

They remove the weights for the players they want

Nikos Dabizas is quick to remove the unrecognized players to make money for the top four transfers.

Αδιέξοδο στις συζητήσεις Μπενφίκα με Σάμαρη για το νέο συμβόλαιο

Impasse in Benfica talks with Samaris on the new contract

Andreas Samaris's demands seem to make it hard to renew his contract with Benfica, according to the Portuguese press.

Δεν χάνει ούτε λεπτό ο Σουάρες!

Suarez is not a loser!

An unknown word is the rest for Luis Suarez, who is still fighting this year.

Ο Χοακίν παραδέχθηκε πρόταση της ΑΕΚ

Joachin admitted a proposal by AEK

Villarreal Park, Joaquin, admitted in an interview that he had a proposal from AEK at the time the Union had conceded Ogneni Vrani to Anderlecht.

Τα’ ψαλε στον Μαρσιάλ μπροστά σε όλη την ομάδα ο Σόλσκιερ

Martiall's screech in front of the whole team is Solskyer

The Norwegian technician became furious with the behavior of the Frenchman.

Αποχωρεί από την Άρσεναλ ο Ντένις Σουάρες

Dennis Suarez is leaving Arsenal

Dennis Suarez's lending to Arsenal is complete, with the player preparing to return to Barcelona, ​​which he belongs to.

Φιορεντίνα - Σασσουόλο 0-1 (video) Σέριε A

Δευτέρα, 29 Απριλίου 2019

Σουράλ: Το «αντίο» της Αλάνιασπορ στο γήπεδο... (vid)

Soural: Alanyaspor's "goodbye" to the stadium ... (vid)

Alanyaspor frowned Saural on the pitch in a heavy emotional climate.

Live Streaming.22:00 Fiorentina - Sassuolo 0-1 (video) Serie A Eastern European Time


Ντε Γιονγκ: «Δεν περιμένω να είμαι βασικός στην Μπαρτσελόνα»

De Jong: "I do not expect to be basically in Barcelona"

Willing to fight for a place in Barcelona's basic shape the new season seems to be Frenky de Jong.

Ατομικό για τρεις στον ΠΑΣ πριν τον ΠΑΟΚ

Individual for three at PAS before PAOK

With Sionti, Castro and Pantelic following an individual match, PAS Giannina returned to training, preparing for the important match with PAOK in the last game.

Αρέσει στην Μάντσεστερ Γιουνάιτεντ ο Όμπλακ

Manchester United likes Oblak

More and more serious seems to be the interest of Manchester United for Jan Oblak of Atletico Madrid.

Συνεχίζουν με τον ίδιο προπονητή οι Οκλαχόμα Σίτι Θάντερ

Oklahoma City Thunder continues with the same coach

Billy Donovan is expected to enter Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2019/20 season, as GM Sam Prestius said on Monday afternoon.

Πανηγύρισε προκλητικά μπροστά σε αντίπαλο του ο Ζλάταν (video)

Slowly feast in front of his opponent, Zlatan (video)

In front of his opponent, Nendum Onuha, provoked by Zlatan Ibrahimovic after a goal scored.

Ρεάλ Μαδρίτης: «Τελειώνει» ο Μπέιλ

Real Madrid: Bail ends

Gareth Bélé seems to be shortly past Real Madrid after the new incident yesterday (28/4) in the evening.

Κυριακή, 28 Απριλίου 2019

Ράγιο Βαγιεκάνο - Ρεάλ Μαδρίτης 1-0 (video) Λα Λίγκα

Τορίνο - Μίλαν 2-0 (video) Σέριε A

«Κλείδωσαν» τον Γιάννη και άλωσαν το Μιλγουόκι οι Σέλτικς

They locked John and Milwaukee jumped Celtics

The Celtics were the first semi-finals in the East. With a terrible defense to the Antetokounmpo and Horsford and Irving drivers prevailed 112-90 of Baks.

Νυρεμβέργη - Μπάγερν Μονάχου 1-1 (video) Μπουντεσλίγκα

Σαμπντόρια - Λάτσιο 1-2 ( video) Σέριε Α

Live Streaming.21:45 Rayo Vallecano - Real Madrid 1-0 (video) La Liga Eastern European Time

Live Streaming.21:30 Torino - AC Milan 2-0 (video) Serie A Eastern European Time

Μάντσεστερ Γιουνάιτεντ - Τσέλσι 1-1 (video) Πρέμιερ Λιγκ

Live Streaming.20:00 Boston Celtics - Milwaukee Bucks 112-90 NBA Eastern European Time

They locked John and Milwaukee jumped Celtics

The Celtics were the first semi-finals in the East. With a terrible defense to the Antetokounmpo and Horsford and Irving drivers prevailed 112-90 of Baks.

Κιέβο - Πάρμα 1-1 (video),Σπαλ - Γένοβα 1- 1 (video) Σέριε A

Χοφενχάιμ - Βόλφσμπουργκ 1- 4 (video) Μπουντεσλίγκα

Live Streaming.19:00 Nurnberg - Bayern Munchen 1-1 (video) Bundesliga Eastern European Time

Καλύτερος του Αραούχο ο Πόνσε

Better the Araujo the Ponce

Is Eki Ponce better than Sergio Arauco? The numbers prove it.

Live Streaming.19:00 Sampdoria - Lazio 1-2 (video) Serie A Eastern European Time

Live Streaming.18:30 Manchester United - Chelsea 1-1 (video) Premier League Eastern European Time


Μπέρνλι - Μάντσεστερ Σίτι 0-1 (video) Πρέμιερ Λιγκ

Live Streaming.16:30 Hoffenheim - Wolfsburg 1-4 (video) Bundesliga Eastern European Time