Δευτέρα, 31 Ιουλίου 2017

Ο Σιμεόνε... γουστάρει τον Γκριεζμάν ως αντί-Νεϊμάρ!

La Simeone ... le gusta el Gkriezman como anti-Neymar!

la colocación interesante de Diego Simeone en cuanto a los escenarios que quieren el mejor jugador de su equipo, el Antoine Griezmann se encuentra entre los que han tomado la caracterización de anticuerpos anti-Neymar si el brasileño salió de Barcelona.

«Έντονες πιέσεις από την Κιέβο σε Ολυμπιακό και Κασάμι»

"Stressful pressures from Chievo to Olympic and Kasami"

A report from Italy says that Chievo is near the acquisition of Paitim Cassami by Olympiacos.

Ο Γκίμπσον απολογήθηκε στους συμπαίκτες του (video)

Gibson apologized to his teammates (video)

The heavy defeat of 0-5 from Celtic brought the wrath of Donald Gibson, who was drinking together with fans cheating on his teammates to apologize two days later

Το ποδόσφαιρο προσωποποιημένο! Πελέ, Μαραντόνα, Ρονάλντο συμπαίκτες

Article Cover
Fútbol personificada! Pelé, Maradona, Ronaldo compañeros de equipo

En un sueño loco y aparente, cualquier diosa redonda amante querría compañeros Pelé, Maradona y Ronaldo.

Ελεύθερος από τον ΠΑΟΚ ο Κοροβέσης, οδεύει στον Πλατανιά

Free from PAOK Korovesis, he is heading to Platanias

Yet another player from Bicheffer leaves the roster because at first he was supernumerary and would not get opportunities

Επίσημα στους Σέλτικς ο Λάρκιν

Officially Celtic Larkin

Shawn Larkin signed his contract with Celtics and is now an official Boston team player.

Ταβάνι και... μέσα (vid)

Ceiling and ... in (vid)

Yet, there is a guy who coaches to score after the ball hits first on the ceiling!

Αυτά λέει τώρα για Μάτιτς ο Μουρίνιο

That's what Matic tells Mourinho now

José Mourinho bought Nemanja Matic for the second time and deposited him with his statements at the official Manchester site. Once, "My" said that the Serb can not do ... control.

«Ο Μανωλάς μένει στη Ρόμα»

"O Manolas vive a Roma"

allenatore assoluta di Roma, Eusebio Di Francesco, ha chiarito che sia lui, e Kostas Manolas e il team di gestione, vogliono continuare la cooperazione con la difesa greca.

Κασάνο: «Μπορεί να ξαναπαίξω»

Κασάνο: «Μπορεί να ξαναπαίξω»Cassano: "Posso giocare di nuovo"

Noi ... pazzesco ha Hell Bent Antonio Cassano, che ha lasciato (di nuovo) aprire gli stadi finestra posteriore, pochi giorni dopo ha annunciato (ancora una volta) il suo ritiro.

Ρόμα - Γιουβέντους 1-1 πέναλτι 4-5 (video) Διεθνές Τουρνουά

Κυριακή, 30 Ιουλίου 2017

Live Streaming.23:00 AS Roma - Juventus1-1 penalty 4-5 (video International Tournaments Eastern European Time

AS Roma - Juventus1-1 penalty 4-5 (video International Tournaments Ρόμα - Γιουβέντους 1-1 πέναλτι 4-5 (video) Διεθνές Τουρνουά

Άρσεναλ - Σεβίλλη 1-2 (video) Διεθνές Τουρνουά

Επίσημο: Στην Μπαρτσελόνα ο Σάντερς

Oficial: En Barcelona Sanders

De Barcelona ha anunciado la adquisición de Rakim Sanders, cubriendo poco a poco - poco a poco los huecos de la plantilla de cara a la próxima temporada.

Απίθανη χαμένη ευκαιρία στο Βιτόρουλ - Ντινάμο Βουκουρεστίου (video)

Unexpected missed opportunity at Vitorul - Dinamo Bucharest (video)

Valentin Kostak had the opportunity to give the lead to Dinamo Bucharest, taking advantage of the tragic mistake of Vitorul goalkeeper, Arpad Torday, but failed before a vacancy!

Νεϊμάρ, τι έκανες τόση ώρα στα αποδυτήρια της Ρεάλ; (vid)

Article CoverNeymar, ¿qué hiciste todo este tiempo en el vestuario del Real? (Vid)

A - una transcripción completa piezas de puzzle Neymar de Barcelona a Paris Saint Germain ...

Ο Καφού και το ενδεχόμενο άμεσης μεταγραφής!

Kafou and the possibility of direct transcription!

It's what makes Paul's people talk to Lobos Michel in the last two days.

Γκουαρντιόλα: «Φεύγουν οι Νασρί και Ιχεανάτσο»

Guardiola: "Nasri and Ihechanacho leave"

The departure of Samir Nasri and Keletsi Ihechanacho was announced by Manchester City coach, Pep Guardiola.

Live Streaming.20:00 Valerenga - Manchester United 0-3 (video) International Friendly Matches Eastern European Time

Live Streaming.18:20 Arsenal - Sevilla 1-2 (video) International Tournaments Eastern European Time

Arsenal - Sevilla 1-2 (video) International Tournaments  Άρσεναλ - Σεβίλλη 1-2 (video) Διεθνές Τουρνουά

Μήτογλου: "Ο Παναθηναϊκός μού έδειξε πόσο με ήθελε"

Mithoglou: "Panathinaikos showed me how much he wanted me"

Dinos Mitoglou spoke for the first time as a player of Panathinaikos Superfoods, commenting both on his move to the "clover" and on his collaboration with Chave Pasqual.

Επιμένει ο Βενγκέρ: «Μένει ο Σάντσες, τον περιμένουμε να γυρίσει»

Article CoverWenger insists: "Sanchez stays, we are waiting for him to come back"

Arsenal technician Arsene Wenger reiterated that Alexis Sande will remain in the team, waiting for him to return from Chile on Tuesday after the viciousness that has plagued him.

Σάββατο, 29 Ιουλίου 2017

Χέρτα Βερολίνου - Λίβερπουλ 0-3 (video) Διεθνείς Φιλικοί Αγώνες

Το «ψάχνει» για Καρνέζη η Νιουκάστλ

The "look" for the Karnezis Newcastle

Orestes Carnezis is escaping from Udinese and according to "tuttomercatoweb", Newcastle is interested in acquiring the Greek goalie.

Το πάλεψε αλλά υπέκυψε κόντρα στη Στουτγάρδη ο Αστέρας

Article CoverIt struggled but Stuttgart crushed Asteras

The defeat of 2-0 despite the fact that he fought as much as he could, was met by Asteras Tripolis from Stuttgart in his third and final friendly preparation on Austrian soil.

Ετοιμάζει καταγγελία στην Παρί η Μπαρτσελόνα

Preparar una queja al Barcelona Paris

Barcelona prepara una queja formal a la UEFA si completan la transferencia de Neymar en el PSG, citando reglas del juego limpio financiero.

Live Streaming.19:00 Hertha Berlin - Liverpool 0-3 (video) International Friendly Matches Eastern European Time

Hertha Berlin - Liverpool 0-3 (video) International Friendly Matches Χέρτα Βερολίνου - Λίβερπουλ 0-3 (video) Διεθνείς Φιλικοί Αγώνες

Τσέλσι - Ίντερ 1-2 (video) Διεθνές Τουρνουά

Live Streaming.14:35 Chelsea - Inter Milan 1-2 (video) International Tournaments Eastern European Time

Chelsea - Inter Milan 1-2 (video) International Tournaments Τσέλσι - Ίντερ 1-2 (video) Διεθνές Τουρνουά

Πρώτη επίσημη κρούση της Παρί για Νεϊμάρ!

Article CoverFirst official strike of Paris on Neimar!

Paris Saint Germain made its first official strike in Barcelona for the acquisition of Neimar and developments over the coming days are expected with great interest.

Υπογράφει στη Λάτσιο ο Καϊσέδο

Segni nel Lazio Kaisedo

Felipe Kaisedo passa medica e segni nel Lazio.

Παρασκευή, 28 Ιουλίου 2017

Εναλλακτική ο Νασρί αν δεν... κάτσει του Μαχρέζ για την Ρόμα!

Article Cover
Nasri alternativa se non ... sostenere l'Mahrez per la Roma!

AS Roma non è stata in grado di piegare anche ... Leicester e ha comprato Riyad Mahrez pertanto monitor e altri casi giocatori.

15000 διαρκείας και συνεχίζει

15000 lasts and continues

They have exceeded 15,000 sales of Olympic season tickets for the new season.

Eπίσημα στην Βαλένθια ο Πλάις

Article CoverOficialmente en el lado de Valencia

Jugador del Valencia será para los próximos dos años, el Tibor secundarios, según lo anunciado por el equipo español.

Στάση… Νέα Φιλαδέλφεια

Stop ... New Philadelphia

Unparalleled and unprecedented what has been done since Friday morning at the site that started the construction of the new AEK stadium.

Oύτε και τώρα συμφωνία για τα τηλεοπτικά!

No agreement on TV!

A deadlock, again, was observed on the League's governing board on the issue of television rights on Friday, which will be discussed again next Thursday.

"Τα βρήκε με Παρί Σεν Ζερμέν ο Νεϊμάρ"

"La encontró con el PSG Neymar"

El PSG todos ellos encontró a Neymar con ganancias de hasta 30 millones de euros y todo lo que queda es encontrar una solución con el juego limpio financiero.

Ανακοίνωσε Κούσα η Λάρισα

Larisa announced Koussa

In the acquisition of the 34-year-old central defender, George Koussa, who was fighting in the past years at Panetoliko, AEL announced.

Ο Μάρκο Σίλβα επιβάλλει το δικό του «νόμο»!

Article CoverMarco Silva enforces his own "law"!

Markos Silva, known from his trip to Olympiacos, is now at the wheel of Watford and wishing to learn from the mistakes of his predecessor, is thinking of imposing an unwritten law that only allows the ... English!

Live Streaming.19:30 Werder Bremen - West Ham 1-0 (video) International Friendly Matches Eastern European Time

O αριθμός του «Βασιλιά» Μπογκντάνοβιτς στους Κινγκς!

The number of "King" Bogdanovic in Kings!

Bogdan Bogdanovic may have liked NO.13 by George Papayiannis, but will eventually wear the "8" in King's.

Αλέγκρι: «Αν θέλουμε πρωτάθλημα και Τσάμπιονς Λιγκ, πρέπει να ανεβάσουμε τον πήχη»

Alegre: "Se vogliamo che il campionato e la Champions League, dobbiamo alzare il tiro '

Chiaro messaggio ai giocatori ha inviato il tecnico della Juventus Massimiliano Alegre, in vista della stagione molto impegnativa avanti.

Αποστολάκης: «Δεν θα έχει κανένα πρόβλημα στη ρεβάνς ο Παναθηναϊκός»

Apostolakis: "There will be no problem with the Panathinaikos rematch"

Favori for the qualification, despite the poor 1-0, is Panathinaikos according to Stratos Apostolakis and what he said in SPOR FM 94.6.

Κάτι δεν πάει καλά

Article CoverSomething is wrong

PAOK's summer so far is problematic. Something that has become obvious in Ukraine. 

Πέμπτη, 27 Ιουλίου 2017

Παναθηναϊκός - Γκαμπάλα 1-0 (video)

Article CoverPanathinaikos - Gambala 1-0 (video)

Nice ball, phases, opportunities, no threat to the greenhouse, but the poor 1-0 does not give Panathinaikos the half-qualifying right against Gambala.

Ελλάδα - Ουγγαρία 5-7

Article CoverGreece - Hungary 5-7

Although he fought with all his might, the National Men's Team of Men defeated 7-5 from Hungary and will fight with his defeated Serbia-Croatia for the bronze medal in the World Championship in Budapest.

ΑΕΚ Λάρνακας - Ντιναμό Μινσκ 2-0 (video) Europa League

Μακάμπι Τελ Αβίβ - Πανιώνιος 1-0 (video)

Article CoverMaccabi Tel Aviv - Panionios 1-0 (video)

Panionios was defeated 1-0 by Maccabi Tel Aviv in Netanya, but the Israelis did not show a team that could ... scare the "blueberries" and so everything is open for the rematch of New Smyrna in a week.

Ολιμπίκ Ντόνετσκ - ΠΑΟΚ 1-1 (video)

Article CoverOlympics Donetsk - PAOK 1-1 (video)

Under the circumstances, PAOK saved the game against Olympique Donetsk with Enrique's goal scorer (1-1), but in the longest period of the match it was ... not seen.

Τρία ελληνικά πληρώματα στα μετάλλια

Three Greek crews in medals

Impressive is the presence of Greek crews in the Open European Boat Championship 420.