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Χέρτα - Χοφενχάιμ 1-3 (video) Μπουντεσλίγκα

Διπλό στο Κάουνας η Αρμάνι Μιλάνο

Double Kaunas the Armani Milano

Although indifferent as not qualifying hopes in the playoffs, Zalgiris and Armani Milan gave tough "battle" in Kaunas, the Armani Milan gets the win 84-88, for the 29th day of the Euroleague.

«Καθάρισε» και ζει για τον… τελικό ο Ερυθρός Αστέρας!

"Clean" and lives for ... final Red Star!

Thanks to a great run from the end of the third quarter and early fourth, Red Star won the 83-65 Ounix Kazan and gained psychology for the "final" with Ntarousafaka!

Πάρτι για Μπασκόνια, έφτιαξε και τον Παναθηναϊκό!

Partido por el Baskonia, construido y Panathinaikos!

El Baskonia goleó Galatasaray con 103-80 y la dispersión sonríe Panathinaikos desde mantuvo abierta la posibilidad de que el lazo triple / cuádruple, escenarios que se ganan la cuarta Exastero!

Η "συγγνώμη" βγήκε από τα χείλη του Μουρίνιο

The "sorry" came from the lips of Mourinho

The Bastian Schweinsteiger left the "Old Trafford" to join the Chicago Fire and José Mourinho felt the need to ask for an apology. Read details.

Μέχρι και Λεάλι πήρε ο Λεμονής

Up Leal got Lemonis

Expected was the decision of Takis Lemonis get all available players in the mission for the game Platania (1/4, 19.30) and to "cut" the last time two of them.

Μάσα vs Στανισάβλιεβιτς στις εκτελέσεις φάουλ! (vid)

Massa vs Stanisavlievits foul on executions! (Vid)

The Massa and Stanisavlievits ... did contest the foul executions and camera Asteras Tripolis channel recorded moments.

Live Streaming.22:00 Real Madrid - Fenerbahce 61-56 Euroleague Eastern European Time

Κόπα Αμέρικα με Κριστιάνο, Μέσι, Πογκμπά και Νεϊμάρ;

Article Cover
Copa América con Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar y Pogkmpa?

Según un periódico federación brasileña de América Latina pensando llamar a España, Francia, Portugal e Italia para la próxima Copa América!

Live Streaming.21:45 Panathinaikos - CSKA Moscow 73-73 85-80 extra time Euroleague Eastern European Time

Panathinaikos - CSKA Moscow 73-73 85-80 extra time Euroleague Και στην Πόλη θα είναι ωραία!

Σούπερ μεταγραφές με ξένους και νεαρούς ο στόχος του Ιβάν!

Super signings by foreigners and young target Ivan!

The president of PAOK is ready to invest as much money needed to have a powerful roster Vladan Ivic.

Live Streaming.21:30 Hertha Berlin - Hoffenheim 1-3 (video) Bundesliga Eastern European Time

Hertha Berlin - Hoffenheim 1-3 (video) Bundesliga Χέρτα - Χοφενχάιμ 1-3 (video) Μπουντεσλίγκα

Ο Μέσι το... κοροϊδάκι της Μπαρτσελόνα (vid)

Ο Μέσι το... κοροϊδάκι της Μπαρτσελόνα (vid)El Messi ... el lechón en la sesión de ejercicios de Barcelona (vid)

Volver a la vida cotidiana de las estrellas del Barça con Messi persiguiendo el balón en el círculo central.

Sold out και κοντά σε ρεκόρ εσόδων το Γιουβέντους - Μπαρτσελόνα

Sold out e vicino al fatturato record Juventus - Barcellona

La Juventus si prepara a battere il record del nuovo stadio, dopo il tutto esaurito il suo quarto di finale con la rivale Barcellona.

Live Streaming.20:00 Crvena zvezda mts - Unics Kazan 83-65,Live Streaming.20:00 Galatasaray - Baskonia 80-103,Live Streaming.20:00 Zalgiris Kaunas - Olimpia Milano 84-88 Euroleague Eastern European Time

Το ρεκόρ καριέρας του… σουτέρ Ρούμπιο (vid)

His record career shooter ... Rubio (vid)

In the best night of his career implementing found Ricky Rubio, who impressed not only with the 33 points scored against the Lakers, but with 4/5 three pointers scored so punishing defense and leading the Timberwolves at home victory with "Limnanthropous" combined with 10 assists to add.

Η Ρεάλ φτιάχνει γυναικεία ομάδα!

Real hace equipo femenino!

La gente del Real Madrid considerando seriamente la posibilidad de hacer la parte femenina en el club, pero eso es para el comienzo de aficionado.

Τρομερή ασίστ από Ρόντο! (vid)

Article CoverAwesome assists from Rondo! (Vid)

The Rajon Rondo handed out an excellent assists during the match of the Chicago Bulls Cleveland Cavaliers.

Οι φίλοι της Άρσεναλ μίλησαν: Βενγκέρ φύγε!

The Arsenal Fans spoke: Wenger shoo!

Up to 78% reached the proportion of Arsenal fans who consider it appropriate to remove Arsene Wenger on the team bench this summer!

Οι ομάδες με τους περισσότερους τραυματισμούς στο αγγλικό πρωτάθλημα

Article CoverThe teams with the most injuries to the English league

The luck factor is always stumbling. Many times decisive. Who is more prone to injuries club in the Premier League in recent years?

Ομπράντοβιτς: «Γιουλ και Ντε Κολό, όπως λέμε… Μποντιρόγκα και Διαμαντίδης»

Obradovic: "Juhl and De Colo, as we say ... Bodiroga and Diamantidis'

In apotheosis of Sergio Llull and Nando de Colo went through the interview to «AS» newspaper Zeljko Obradovic, describing them as a more modern version of Dejan Bodiroga and Dimitris Diamantidis respectively, the coach of Fenerbahce refer to yet another return to Madrid, as an opponent of the Real (31/3, 22:00).

Άπαντες έτοιμοι στην ΑΕΚ

Everybody ready to AEK

Empty is the medical bulletin AEK two day before the derby with Panathinaikos and Manolo Chimeneth rubbing his hands.

Παίζει με Κέρκυρα ο Ηρακλής, αλλά…

Plays with Hercules Corfu, but ...

The Hercules team decided to come to the fight with Kerkyra Sunday, but everything indicates that PAE is not enough time to complete the file on the authorization.

Ξανά στη Ρεάλ ο Ραούλ!

Una vez más real Raul!

En lugar de asesor del presidente, Florentino Pérez, parece que se encuentran en el verano, Raul, volviendo al Real Madrid!

Ηθοποιάρα ο Σακίλ! Γκρέμισε το στούντιο μόλις τον ξεπέρασε ο Λεμπρόν! (vid)

Actor Shaquille! Demolished the studio just surpassed the LeBron! (Vid)

The LeBron James with 26 points achieved in the game against the Bulls moved up to 7th place among scorers in NBA history, surpassing the great Shaquille O'Neal.

Μπάγερν: Θέλει Καράσκο ο Αντσελότι

Article CoverBayern: the Ancelotti wants Karasko

The Gianik Karasko contract clause is 100 million euros, which in no way intimidated by Carlo Ancelotti

Το πρώτο... όχι σε ομάδα για τον Κούτρη

The first ... not a group for Koutri

The Leonardo Koutris is the next big thing of PAS Giannina and for this reason George asks ... Christovasilis less in order to get more! Which team ate "invalid" and the strong interest from the First Division.

Τινάζει την μπάνκα για Γκριζμάν η Γιουνάιτεντ

Shaking the pot for the United Gkrizman

Ready to pay the clause of Antoine Gkrizman are Manchester United, who wants to make "red devil" the player of Atletico.

Η Τσέλσι δεν θα ρισκάρει την απώλεια του Κόντε

Article CoverChelsea will not risking the loss of Conte

The Chelsea has an extra incentive for maintaining Eden Hazard in the group, utilizing it as a lure to expand cooperation with Antonio Conte.

«Ζωντανή» στην παράταση η Νταρουσάφακα

"Live" in the extension Ntarousafaka

The Ntarousafaka proved tough "nut" and managed to flee to double from its headquarters ... indifferent Bamberg in overtime with 97-99, keeping their hopes of qualifying for the playoffs from 8th place.

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Δύσκολα η Μπαρτσελόνα την Μακάμπι

Difícil de Barcelona Maccabi

Barcelona, ​​gestiona incluso difícil de derrotar al Maccabi Tel Aviv 76-71 en el torneo de 29 partidos en la Euroliga.

ΑΝΥΠΟΜΟΝΕΙ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΕΠΑΝΕΜΦΑΝΙΣΗ ΣΤΟΝ ΠΑΓΚΟ Λεμονής: «"Πεινάω" για τίτλους, δεν αλλάζει DNA ο Ολυμπιακός»

He looks forward to the reappearance on the bench
Lemonis: "" I'm hungry "for titles, Olympiacos does not change DNA»

"Hungry" for titles and more appetite - compared to the previous two terms of office - says Takis Lemonis.

Επίσημο: Αποχωρεί απ' τη Σεβίλλη ο Μόντσι

Oficiales: Hojas de Sevilla el Monza

H Sevilla emitió una declaración y anuncia que, tras la reunión de la Junta con Monza, las dos partes decidieron completar su colaboración este verano.

Πήγε για… βόλτα στην Πόλη ο Ολυμπιακός

He went on ... ride on the Olympic City

An indifferent to the grades -and problems- Olympiakos defeated 77-69 by Anadolu Efes, City, fell to 19-10 and most compatible for good with third place.

Το "πάρτι" ξεκίνησε: κρέμασαν το πρώτο πανό κατά Ιγκουαΐν!

Il "partito" è iniziata: i primi striscioni appesi contro Higuain!

Il Gonzalo Higuain si prepara a tornare al "San Paolo", come un giocatore di tifosi juventini e Napoli gli ha dato un primo assaggio di ciò che verrà.

Live Streaming.21:45 Bamberg - Darussafaka Dogus 84-84 extra time 97-99,Live Streaming.22:00 Barcelona - Maccabi 76-71 Tel Aviv Euroleague Eastern European Time

Bamberg - Darussafaka Dogus 84-84 extra time 97-99 Euroleague«Ζωντανή» στην παράταση η Νταρουσάφακα

Barcelona - Maccabi 76-71 Tel Aviv Euroleague Δύσκολα η Μπαρτσελόνα την Μακάμπι

Ντόπιοι... προς εξαφάνιση στο ντέρμπι του Μέρσεϊσαϊντ

Locals ... to extinction in the Merseyside derby

Just five may be the players that they can claim to be "born and - bred 'Liverpool in the near Merseyside derby!

Μπεργκ: "Θέλω και άλλους τίτλους με τον Παναθηναϊκό"

Berg: "I and other titles with Panathinaikos'

The Marcus Berg found Thursday afternoon to sponsor the event and spoke about the upcoming derby and games Cup with PAOK saying he wants to reach the conquest of other trophies with Panathinaikos.

Ηρακλής: Υπέγραψαν με επιφύλαξη και εισέπραξαν... νέες υποσχέσεις

Article CoverHercules: They signed with reservation and received new promises ...

The Hercules players arrangements signed today, without however to collect money with the management of the club to give their new promises for payments by ... Monday.

Ποκετίνο: «Δεν θα προπονήσω ποτέ την Μπαρτσελόνα»

Ποκετίνο: «Δεν θα προπονήσω ποτέ την Μπαρτσελόνα»Poketino: "Nunca entrenado de Barcelona"

Rechaza cualquier posibilidad de tomar el Barcelona, ​​Maaouritsio Poketino así, dijo, es un fan del Espanyol, mientras informado acerca de la situación de Danny Rose.

Live Streaming.20:00 Anadolu Efes - Olympiakos 77-69 Euroleague Eastern European Time

Βραζιλία: νέα, ωραία και έτοιμη (;) να κατακτήσει το Παγκόσμιο Κύπελλο

Article CoverBrasil: (?) Nuevo, agradable y listo para ganar la Copa del Mundo

Brasil es el primer equipo nacional se aseguró su participación en la Copa de Rusia. Bajo las instrucciones de Tite y una mezcla de nuevos jugadores con talento, los convence "Selesao" que puede ser el próximo campeón del mundo.

Ο Ντάνι Άλβες τρομοκράτησε δημοσιογράφο! (vid)

Article CoverDani Alves aterrado reportero! (Vid)

Dani Alves encontró ... bossa periodista de televisión y Juventus no se perdió la oportunidad de hacer broma a aire.

«Έχουμε επενδυτή, κανένα θέμα αδειοδότησης!»

Xristos Panagopoulos 477"We investor, no matter licensing!"

Panathinaikos expresses certainty that the cause of the conflict with Stathis Tavlaridis has a happy ending.

Λοτζέσκι για το πότε επιστρέφει

Lotzeski about when returns

The Matt Lojeski wrote in his blog for «Euroleague Greece» what initially passed from his mind when he was injured in the game against Real Madrid on when to return to competitive action, and described him today (20:00) match Olympiakos with Anadolu Efes as a good test for the quarterfinals of the Euroleague.

«Συναγερμός» με Νόϊερ στη Μπαγερν

"Alarm" by Neuer in Bayern

In "hot coals" are at Bayern Munich in view of the first quarter-final with Real Madrid because of a Manuel Neuer injury in his left leg.

Μπουφόν: «Ψεύτης όποιος δεν φοβάται τα μεγάλα ματς...»

Buffon: "Bugiardo che non ha paura del big match ..."

Un'altra testimonianza della qualità delle risorse umane e atleta con Tzianlouitzi Mpoufon ... Il portiere italiano ha detto che chi dice che non ha paura del grande gioco e le grandi momenti in Champions League, è un bugiardo o basso livello pro ...

Ρόμπεν: «Πρέπει να ρωτήσουν τη γνώμη μου για τον νέο προπονητή της Ολλανδίας»

Article CoverRobben: "I have to ask my opinion on the new Dutch coach"

The Arjen Robben wants to have a say in the choice of the coach to replace Danny Blint the coach of the Dutch national team.

Μάντσεστερ Σίτι: Τέσσερα ντέρμπι όλη η χρονιά

Article CoverManchester City: Four derby whole year

In constant lookout is the Pep Guardiola, because of the "damned" of Manchester City program that follows the final report of the group approaching.

Νέα ρεκόρ για τον απίθανο κοντό των Σέλτικς

New record for the short unlikely the Celtics

The Aizeia Thomas has set about trying to break all records in the history of the legendary Celtics.

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