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Τετάρτη, 20 Ιουνίου 2018

Ανανέωσε με τον Ολυμπιακό ο Πάβιτς

Refresh with Olympiacos Pavits

Josip Pawic decided to renew his partnership with European Olympic champion, remaining for the third consecutive year in the harbor.

Ουρουγουάη - Σαουδική Αραβία 1-0 (video) Παγκόσμιο Κύπελλο 2018

Ανακοινώνεται την Παρασκευή ο Δώνης

Announced Friday the Donis

All the required details were settled in the contracts and, apart from a shocking surprise, the appointment of George Doni to Panathinaikos will be announced on Friday.

Σάλος με τη χρησιμοποίηση του Νορντίν Αμραμπάτ παρά τη διάσειση

Shy using Nordin Arambat's t despite the concussion

Norman Aramabat returned to action five days after his concussion with Iran.

Πορτογαλία - Μαρόκο 1-0 (video) Παγκόσμιο Κύπελλο 2018

Live Streaming.18:00 Uruguay - Saudi Arabia 1-0 (video) World Cup 2018 Eastern European Time

Παίρνει Τορέιρα με 30 εκατ. η Άρσεναλ

Torreira gets 30 million Arsenal

Ready to make Uruguay's own means, Lucas Torreira of Sampdoria is Arsenal, with the deal reaching 30 million.

«Υπέγραψε με 2 εκατ. δολάρια στην Μπαρτσελόνα ο Πάνγκος»

'Firmado con $ 2 millones en Barcelona Pangos'

$ 1 millón al año será pagado a Barcelona por Kevin Pangos, según David Pic.

Ανακοίνωσε η Αρσεναλ τον Λένο

Arsenal announced Leno
The English league will continue, and officially, his career by Bernd Leno, as Arsenal has completed contacts with Leverkusen for his acquisition.

Ακούγεται και έρχεται για τον ΠΑΟΚ ο Λέο Ζαμπά! (vids)

It sounds and comes to PAOK Leo Zamba! (vids)

The name of the 19 year old Brazilian striker Leo ham, struggling Russian Achmat Grozny, coming in the last hours in the spotlight for PAOK.

Live Streaming.15:00 Portugal - Morocco 1-0 (video) World Cup 2018 Eastern European Time

Ανακοίνωσε Φαμπιάνσκι η Γουέστ Χαμ

Fabianski announced West Ham

West Ham has announced the acquisition of Lucas Fabianski from Swansea with the Polish goalkeeper signing a three-year contract.

Οι Πολωνοί στηρίζουν τη Ρωσία (video)!

Poland's support Russia (video)!

Frustrated by the defeat of their national team by the Senegalese, the Poles supported Russia with slogans on the main streets of Moscow.

«Ο Προτό υπέγραψε στη Λάτσιο»

"Proto firmato per la Lazio"

Per gli italiani, il trasferimento di Silvio Proto nel Lazio è un lavoro finito.

Τρίτη, 19 Ιουνίου 2018

Ρωσία - Αίγυπτος 3-1 (video) Παγκόσμιο Κύπελλο 2018

Επιστρέφει στον Πανιώνιο ο Κούρντι

Article CoverReturns to Panionios Kourdi

According to information from panionianea.gr, Amiris Kourdi will return to Panionios, after four years in Saudi Arabia.

Έφενμπεργκ: "Στον πάγκο ο Οζίλ, μέσα ο Ρόις"

ΈφενμπεργκEfenmpergk: "On the bench Ozil through the Royce"
The criticism ... started with Joachim Lev on the defeat of the Germans in the opening game of the "panther" in the World Cup in Mexico.

"Ναυαγεί" του Κάτσε

Kace's "Scares"

As Kostas Goulis told "Sport24 Radio 103, .3", Panathinaikos and PAOK did not find them for the loan of Ergo Kace and the international midfielder is looking for a team abroad.

Πολωνία - Σενεγάλη 1-2 (video) Παγκόσμιο Κύπελλο 2018

Πέλκας: "Ξέραμε πως θα ήταν δύσκολα έτσι κι αλλιώς"

Pelkas: "We knew how difficult it would be anyway"

Dimitris Pelkas did not expect PAOK to play easily anyway in the Champions League qualifiers.

Γλίτωσε την αρθροσκόπηση ο Μιλουτίνοφ

Milutinov's arthroscopy was saved

Nicola Milutinov's magnetic was clean and will not do arthroscopy.

Olympiakos's Serbian center did magnetic, which brought smiles as it was clean.

Κόλεϊ και Μπέλετς η Σαμπντόρια

Κόλεϊ και Μπέλετς η ΣαμπντόριαColley e Belech la Sampdoria

La Sampdoria ha annunciato l'acquisizione del difensore Omar Colley da Genk, oltre a sfruttare l'opzione per Vejle Belech.

Live Streaming.21:00 Russia - Egypt 3-1 (video) World Cup 2018 Eastern European Time

Κολομβία - Ιαπωνία 1-2 (video) Παγκόσμιο Κύπελλο 2018

Live Streaming.18:00 Poland - Senegal 1-1 (video) World Cup 2018 Eastern European Time

Live Streaming.15:00 Colombia - Japan 2-1 (video) World Cup 2018 Eastern European Time

Ζήτησε να αποχωρήσει από την Παρί ο Νεϊμάρ

Article CoverHe asked to leave Neimar of Paris

To leave Paris Saint-Germain after the World Cup is reportedly asked for a communication with Neamr Al-Kelafi in Neimar.

Πρώτη η Μάντσεστερ Γιουνάιτεντ

Το σήμα της Μάντσεστερ Γιουνάιτεντ.First Manchester United
The "Red Devils" are at the forefront of the Forbes list, which for the second year have the greatest money value.

Μένει στην Νιούκαστλ ο Μπενίτεθ και τη νέα σεζόν

Article CoverBenitez and the new season stay in Newcastle

On the eve of Rafa Benitez and the new season in technical leadership wants the owner of Newcastle, Mike Asley.

Ανακοίνωσε Γκριεζμάν κι Ερναντέζ η Ατλέτικο Μαδρίτης

Article CoverGriezman y Hernandez anuncian el Atlético de Madrid

El Atlético continuará luchando contra Antoine Griezman y Lucas Errandez al firmar sus nuevos contratos con el equipo de Madrid.

Δευτέρα, 18 Ιουνίου 2018

Τυνησία - Αγγλία 1-2 (video) Παγκόσμιο Κύπελλο 2018

Αργεντίνικος σουρεαλισμός: Μόνος του στην προπόνηση ο Σαμπάολι γιατί δεν τον... ενημέρωσαν! (vid)

Article CoverArgentina Surrealismo: Solamente en el entrenamiento Sampaoli por qué no le informó ...! (vid) 

Como ya he mencionado los medios del país, Jorge Sampaoli fue solo a la sesión de ejercicios argentino lunes por la mañana, ya que no había sido informado de que ha cambiado el tiempo!

Μαρινάκης στους παίκτες: "Οσοι δεν είναι υπερήφανοι και χαρούμενοι για τη φανέλα, δεν θα τη φορούν"

Marinakis to the players: "Those who are not proud and happy about the shirt will not wear it"

Olympiacos President Vangelis Marinakis called for discipline from red-white players during his visit Monday (18/6) to Renti's training center.

Βέλγιο - Παναμάς 3-0 (video) Παγκόσμιο Κύπελλο 2018

Στη Ρόμα μέχρι το 2020 ο Ντι Φραντσέσκο

Nella Roma del 2020, Di Francesco

I rom hanno annunciato di aver esteso la cooperazione con il suo tecnico, Eugene Di Francesco, entro l'estate del 2020.

Live Streaming.21:00 Tunisia - England 1-2 (video) World Cup 2018 Eastern European Time

Σουηδία - Νότια Κορέα 1-0 (video) Παγκόσμιο Κύπελλο 2018

Live Streaming.18:00 Belgium - Panama 3-0 (video) World Cup 2018 Eastern European Time

Ανανέωσε με Στόουκ ο Άλεν

He renewed Stoke with Allen

A new four-year contract with Stoke signed Joe Allen.

Θέλει Τσεχ ο Αντσελότι

O Πετρ Τσεχ.
Cech vuole Ancelotti

L'amministrazione di Napoli sta prendendo in considerazione il caso di Petre Cech, secondo quanto riporta la stampa italiana.

Live Streaming.15:00 Sweden - South Korea 1-0 (video) World Cup 2018 Eastern European Time

«Εξαιρετική ομάδα ο ΠΑΟΚ»

"PAOK Excellent Team"

For the perspective of PAOK, Pedro Konte spoke in a sports newspaper, putting the case on the right basis.

Βασιλακόπουλος: «Άνθρωποι όπως ο Κώστας αποτελούν ευλογία για κάθε χώρο»

Βασιλακόπουλος: «Άνθρωποι όπως ο Κώστας αποτελούν ευλογία για κάθε χώρο»Vassilakopoulos: "People like Kostas are a blessing for every space"

George Vassilakopoulos spoke about the loss of Kostas Politis, who described his own man and expressed his sincere condolences.

Χαμός στην Κροατία! Έδιωξε τον Κάλινιτς από την αποστολή ο ομοσπονδιακός τεχνικός

Article CoverSmiling in Croatia! He expelled Kalinic from the mission by the federal technician

Apart from Croatian national team for the rest of the World Cup, Nikolai Kalinic came after the decision of federal technician Zlatko Dalsic.

Χαμός στη Γερμανία με τη selfie διεθνή μετά την ήττα από το Μεξικό

Article CoverHammer in Germany with selfie international after defeat from Mexico

Germany has just been defeated by Mexico at its premiere in the World Cup of Russia and someone had an appetite for selfie.

Οριστικά με Σαλάχ κόντρα στη Ρωσία η Αίγυπτος

Definitely with Salah against Russia Egypt

Mohamed Salah's agent clarified via twitter that the Egyptian is ready and that means he will normally play against Russia (19/6, 21:00) for the 2nd World Cup.